In the event of a major loss to your business or personal property, the adequacy of the insurance protection you have purchased is paramount.

When making such a significant purchase it is important to enlist the services of experts:

  • Regional presence across MENA
  • More than 600 staff dedicated to service your business
  • We deploy our vast network of relationships to the interest of our clients
  • Regularly update our clients with the changes and the outlook of the insurance industry
  • Stringent compliance department
  • Agility & proactiveness
  • Will assist you to assess and mitigate your risks
  • Will design and place your insurance program with reliable carrier sat the best available price
  • Will ensure that the information provided to underwriters is of sufficient breadth and quality
  • Will provide you with alternatives in the choice of Insurance terms and providers
  • Will be on your side in the event of any claim and manage collection from insurers with minimum delay.


Our Risk Management Value Proposition

Our objective is to maximize your Risk Management Capacity and Risk Resilience. Our value proposition’s essential pillar is the end-to-end solution proposed by our Subject Matter Experts (SME) involved to propose a world-class risk management framework.

Our Team will work closely with your people to bring clarity to your risk exposure. Identified insurable risks will be analyzed and our SMEs will design a customized risk management program to mitigate your risks and ensure a sustainable operating model. Our insurance SMEs will be supported by our risk management arm who can supplement the offering bringing on the table solutions to non-insurable risks and sharing knowledge and experience.